Kumihimo Friendship Bracelets

Kumihimo Friendship Bracelets

Kumihimo Friendship Bracelets

Purchase an Aunt Goodie Friendship Bracelet Kit here, or source your own materials in the instructions shown below. 


Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese technique of making braids. I love using kumihimo for friendship bracelets because it's easy to teach and easy to learn to make simple bracelets. Then, if you totally fall in love with this art form, you can go deep on more elaborate kumihimo weaving and beading techniques. Aunt Goodie loves these kind of "iceberg" crafts where there is simple point of entry that has the potential to lead to a lifetime of deeping your craft. So, let's get started!


Loome Kumihimo Cord Maker Tutorial

If you purchase one of our friendship bracelet kits featuring the Loome Kumihimo Cord Maker Tool, Loome has a number of excellent tutorials on how to use their tools. This video will get you started on the Loome tool in just minutes!


Make Your Own Kumihimo Wheel

You can also make your own kumihimo wheel out of cardboard. If you want to teach this technique to younger kids who may not have the fine motor skills to work with wire or very thin craft floss, you can make your own wheel for use with heavier, worsted weight craft yarn. The weaving technique is exactly the same!

You Will Need:

  • Sturdy piece of cardboard
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Ruler 
  • Pencil
Carboard, rule, pencil. You will also need sharp scissors.

Draw a circle on a heavy piece of cardboard. I usually trace the bottom of a bowl to get a perfect circle. Using a ruler, find the middle of the circle and place a mark. Draw four equal lines to divide the circle into eighths; if your wedges aren't exactly equal it doesn't matter!

Carboard Kumihimo wheel cut out of cardboard

Cut out the circle, then, using a sharp pencil or a blade, make a hole in the center of the wheel. If you want to be able to add beads to your bracelet, make the center hole large enough for a bead to pass through. Cut a 1/8 inch notch into each of the line on your circle. 

Slip your overhand knot through the center of the kumihimo wheel.

To make this simple friendship bracelet requires seven strands of thread or yarn. Select your colors and cut seven equal pieces of thread. To figure out how long your thread should be, wrap it around your wrist about three times. It's always good to add a little extra length for finishing! Tie an overhand knot and slip the knot through the hole in the wheel. 

Notch one strand of thread through each notch in the wheel.

Now there are eight notches in your wheel and seven strands of thread. Stretch a single strand of thread across each notch and leave one notch empty. Ta-da! Now you're ready to start weaving! Watch the Loome tutorial video to get started on your friendship bracelet!